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    Let’s start for thanks….. thank you for your time to visit our website, thanks for your blieve, sure that you will got your interested luxury time piece.

    When I was a child, I got my first watch from my Uncle Charlie, you know, I fall in love with that Craft, and it’s from Freelook, a French brand. After I graduate from colleage, I made a great decision, be a student in a great watch company named Fossil, a Amercia watch brand, that’s where I got my first knowledge about watch.

    A few years later, I founded my own company in 2009 named Shenzhen Venus Watches Co., Ltd, and merged with a watch factory which belongs to my Uncle Charlie.

    Most of our watch type just for fashion, fashion stone watch, fashion wooden watch, fashion ceramic watch, fashion sports watch, one of our aim is just to “made a watch that popular and accepted by most yong and sucessful people”.

    So, let’s start to search our most love time piece now!


    Venus Team

    Venus Watch (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd